Translation: 2017-03-28 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: About the Cats of Namie

Introductions of the animals looking for foster homes are summarized here. Please, introduce this to your friends and family, and if you could put flyers in stores around your neighborhood we would be very grateful!

We request that you share and spread this as well!


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The other day I wrote about these cats. I’d like to talk about the little ones of Namie.


Thank you for sharing and distributing! Their destinations have finally been decided!


Our connection with this area is almost over and we’re currently working hard on rescues. I promised to submit this entry, but we’re currently in the middle of rescues(^_^;)


There is a very cautious little ones among them that is a mother, and her babies seem to have been born before the disaster due to her age. Because we need to rescue all of her babies we set up a dummy rescue cage. For a few days they will be eating the food we left in the dummy cages, and next week we plan on doing the rescue.


Mommy cat.


The little one we saw last time wasn’t around this time.

A little one we saw for the first time was a peculiar little white and black cat, but we didn’t get a picture. I hope we can rescue them…


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