Translation: 2017-03-29 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Yohira-chan Really Fought Hard.

Introductions of the animals looking for foster homes are summarized here. Please, introduce this to your friends and family, and if you could put flyers in stores around your neighborhood we would be very grateful!

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She appeared out of nowhere on the shelter grounds one day, so used to humans that a volunteer picked her up with bare hands. It didn’t make sense that such a trusting cat we’ve never seen before would suddenly show up. She was certainly abandoned so first of all added her to the shelter as another member of staff.

The volunteer N-san caught Yohira. I’ll never forget the “what do I do???” look on their face (lol)

During surgery after being rescued they discovered a lump around her shoulder area. We discovered that it was caused a hormone capsule that was used to spay her without the use of surgery. I’ve heard that some veterinarians recommend these capsules but I had never seen one actually in a cat’s body. Seeing one made me realize that it should not be used.

I wonder if Yohira was wandering and made it to us. She was really skinny when we rescued her but


she gradually got better and her body weight grew favorably. Kaboom!


I think this is what they call fat with happiness((∩^Д^∩)) She’s so puffy that it’s like her face from the time of rescue is gone (lol)


But from the time that her mouth sores became horrible, her kidneys worsened, and she suddenly became so thin. For a while she left the cat room and spent every day receiving the warm and courteous care of the staff in the recovery isolation room.

While she got tons of love from the staff she fought hard every day while undergoing her difficult treatment. She spent each and every day slow and steady.

The other day at the hospital we were shown a catalog that said a new medicine for kidney disease would be on the market soon. Finally! Let’s give this to Yohira! We thought we’d definitely get it by the end of the month. So just hang in there for us…

And we thought she could…


But she really did fight hard. It’s okay to stop fighting though.

Her kidneys were bad for a little under a year and we thought of undergoing treatment before she passed away. We were so close to getting medication that was good for kidney disease. If only it had gone on the market a little sooner. I keep feeling those kinds of regrets that couldn’t be helped. But I think Yohira found her days at the shelter to be heartwarming and full of love from the staff.

Yohira-chan’s funeral will be held today before noon.

Thank you to all the volunteers who gave Yohira their love!


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