Summary: 2017-04-08 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Flying Cat Photo Exhibit at Fukushima Gainax Museum

  • Currently the Fukushima Gainax Museum is holding a photo exhibit for Kenta Igarashi’s “Flying Cat” collection.
  • They’re also having a “Fuku and Marimo” exhibit.
  • If you decide to come visit the Fukushima Gainax Museum during Golden Week, you should come see us at the shelter!
  • After seeing photos of cute cats, you can come spend time with the real deal!
  • We have free time for “field trips” every day from 1-3pm. We’d love it if you visited!
  • Sometimes we can become a bit overwhelmed with work and lose our free time, so give us a phone call if you plan on stopping by.
  • And you could visit Kokoneko Cafe, which is also close by! Some of our cats are “working” there!





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