Summary: 2017-04-12 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: May Karua-kun Find Happiness

  • Not long ago we were contacted by someone whose health had deteriorated, making them question if they could continue to properly care for their pet dog.
  • It’s still common in Japan for people who lack physical stamina or financial stability to succumb to loneliness and buy a pet without taking those vulnerabilities into consideration.
  • Unfortunately, this was the situation in which 6 year old Karua found himself.
  • We’re at least grateful that his owner came to us for help in order to find a proper home.
  • Our wonderful volunteers worked hard to place information and photos on the internet in order to find a new home for Karua.
  • We are so very grateful to you all for recruiting interested foster parents and for transporting him safely. Your efforts make everything we do a possibility.
  • A month has passed since Karua moved in with his new family. They have reported that he is living a life full of happiness. We could see that in the photos that were sent to us!
  • Because we were unable to take Karua into the shelter due to our current situation, he did not get a medical check before going to his new family. They discovered that he had a dislocated kneecap and undescended testicle.
  • His new owners are so kind and tolerant in light of all of this, and have started treatment for his various ailments.
  • We are so lucky that we smoothly found a wonderful home for him. It’s all thanks to you. Thank you for your continued cooperation.





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