Summary: 2017-04-13 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Spring in the Northern Provinces✿

  • The wait for the cherry trees to bloom is unbearable! Every time I think “today’s the day” they still aren’t here!
  • It won’t be much longer now. The town is starting to get busy now, with tourist buses appearing. Even though Takizakura isn’t blooming yet, people are still visiting.
  • The lily magnolias are in bloom, though! They’re one of my favorite signs of spring.
  • Even though my heart breaks from time to time during our activities in the disaster zone, I am so grateful to Rika-kun for allowing me to see Miharu Town during all seasons.
  • If the timing matches up, volunteers should visit Takizakura while it is in bloom.
  • I’ve been posting many cheerful entries on this blog lately, but the severe situation at the shelter has not changed.
  • I know some of you might find it inappropriate given the current circumstances.
  • Even though we are in constant danger, the staff and volunteer members continue to do everything within the realm of possibility to continue on.
  • We humbly request your support in order to continue operations.
  • Currently, wages are not being paid, and medical expenses are incredibly insufficient.
  • We are very lucky that the cats have not suffered from this due to the cooperation of local medical facilities. But this cannot go on.
  • Please, if it is at all possible, consider donating to our cause for the sake of these animals. Thank you.






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