Summary: 2017-04-14 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Aya-chan and Tomikichi-kun

  • Aya-chan and our once-graduated Tomikichi-kun have graduated together!
  • Their new owner is strong-willed and said they don’t mind adopting little ones with a few problems.
  • After a week, we’ve received word that they’re both already so lovey-dovey.
  • It took a while for Aya-chan to open up to people, so we thought she might have to start all over again if she changed to a new environment. To be honest, I was a little worried. But we got a report that she’s already used to her new home!
  • Tomikichi graduated once, but he started acting in a way we never saw at the shelter like making a racket at night and ramming himself against windows.
  • Unfortunately, his to-be foster parent retracted their request at the end of his trial period.
  • And even though nothing appeared on his blood test, he was vomiting quite a lot and his mouth ulcers worsened.
  • When a foster parent for Aya-chan appeared, we asked if they would take her friend Tomikichi-kun along as well. We explained all of his issues and our concerns, and they agreed. We are so grateful.
  • Not all the cats at our shelter are cute little kittens. And yet, there are kind people out there that will adopt older cats, or ones that have some issues with humans. This is so reassuring.
  • We’re so relieved to hear good news from their new foster home. Tomikichi, Aya, we hope you’re happy for the rest of your lives❤



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