Summary: 2017-04-15 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Salt-san

  • We were able to take in a little one that was interned at the health care center and was scheduled to be euthanized tomorrow.
  • Salt-san is from Īno town. He had bone fractures, and was set to be put to sleep instead of receiving any medical treatment.
  • We took him to the hospital for a checkup and found that he has both a broken leg and leukemia.
  • The person that came to us for a consultation about Salt is from a former evacuation zone. Their pet cat went missing after the disaster.
  • They checked postings for health care centers for years after, and after noticing that Salt looked similar to their lost cat they went to see him. It was then that they learned Salt was to be euthanized, and couldn’t just leave things be. We’re grateful that they came to us for help.
  • Salt is now living in the recuperation room in a large cage formerly used by another cat with leukemia.
  • At first he didn’t trust us and was hissing constantly, but now he’s so cute and lovey-dovey, purring and asking for attention from staff!
  • It’s painful to think that we almost this little one was almost put to death.
  • I hope that we can work with the new animal welfare center and decrease the instances of euthanasia.




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