Summary: 2017-04-16 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: The Cherry Trees of Yonomori, Saved Lives

  • We did activities yesterday and the day before in the evacuation zone.
  • The cherry trees of Yonomori were in full bloom.
  • Both days it was warm and sunny and bustling with people coming to see the blossoms.
  • I’ll report more about this later, but we were able to rescue a life from a closed-off area.
  • He is a Siamese mixed young cat, barely skin and bones and suffering from a cold.
  • As soon as he was moved to the shelter he gobbled up some wet food. He really truly wants to live.
  • It’s difficult to take any more animals in considering our current situation, but upon seeing his thin frame we knew he’d be dead before we ever saw him again.
  • We have to continue taking responsibility for these little ones. Please, we humbly request for your support in order to continue doing so.




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