Summary: 2017-04-18 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Cherry Trees at Sōmakodaka Shrine

  • Sorry for all the updates about cherry trees!
  • We went a little further for our activities, to Sōmakodaka Shrine.
  • When the earthquake occurred in 2011, all areas within 20 kilometers of the nuclear power plant were designated hazardous, and inspections were halted until April 22 of the same year.
  • On that year, most of our activities were done by breaking in. We used unknown backroads through the mountains and encountered so many policemen. We did this to save the little ones left behind.
  • We left everything to fate. We questioned our senses of self-preservation but couldn’t stop ourselves from saving these animals.
  • Sōmakodaka Shrine was like an oasis to me amidst that air of hopelessness and impending danger.
  • I came back here in 2012 to see the cherry blossoms among the shrine that was being repaired.
  • Finally, after many years, I could come again. I want to come to know and love these areas in the evacuation zones more and more.
  • I wonder if Yupi-chan, who was rescued here in October 2011, is still doing well. That was such a harrowing rescue!






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