Summary: 2017-04-20 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: I want you to know that there are still little ones wandering around.

  • This year as well we were able to admire the cherry blossoms with fellow disaster victims in the evacuation zone of Yonomori.
  • Lately the radiation levels in Yonomori is below 2 microsieverts but because the decontamination process isn’t complete, it rises and falls.
  • Just beyond the pedestrian mall set up for cherry blossom viewing is an area that is closed off. It’s like a separate world beyond it, a world where people cannot live.
  • If you went inside, life would be unchanged from the very day of the disaster. It’s like time hasn’t moved.
  • No matter how many years pass, I’ll never get used to this scenery. Even if the cherry trees are beautiful, or the air is fresh, or the sun is shining.
  • I can only imagine how much pain and sadness is in the hearts of the disaster victims who gaze upon the crumbling homes they had to leave behind.
  • There are still little ones wandering this zone, walking long distances and fighting to survive.
  • There are many that are waiting and waiting for us to bring food, and I’m thankful that we could rescue one of them this time.
  • We have to keep up our activities to save the little ones still left behind. We beg for your understanding and cooperation.
  • During the cherry blossom season in 2014 we rescued Saku. He’s such a handsome boy, and even though he doesn’t like being picked up, he’s such a good good boy. He’s looking for a foster family!
  • Our Yōhei is also from Yonomori! He’s such a cutie pie.






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