Summary: 2017-04-25 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Neighborhood Cherry Trees and Introductions, Part 4

  • There’s a blizzard of cherry blossom petals swirling about Miharu Town… looks like the cherry blossom season is ending!
  • I walked Koro and Shuwa to an area where dogtooth violets grow. I thought they’d still be blooming because the cherry trees are, but it turns out they were already leaving!
  • On April 23rd we went to the cherry tree park. There were so many people there, so instead we climbed the nearby mountain.
  • On April 24th I went to the cherry tree park again. Just a few days ago I invited a volunteer to come along here and it was still covered in snow. I waited so long for these trees to bloom! Now the scenery looks like the world of Anne of Green Gables.







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