Summary: 2017-04-26 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Fuku-chan the Newcomer

  • It’s so easy to lose track of time in the AIDS room because those kitties are so lovey-dovey toward humans.
  • The instant you enter the room they all come scrambling for attention, begging to be first for pats.
  • Minku from the beginning to the end will show his back to you like, “pet here, pet here!”
  • Kuma-san remains silent but stuck right on you.
  • Charo-kun also comes persistently, rubbing all over you, asking for attention.
  • It seems like our cute Charo-kun has someone he likes: our newcomer, Fuku-chan.
  • Fuku-chan came from Fukushima City. She was rescued with her mother, but unfortunately her mother passed away shortly after.
    It must be a sad memory for her, but luckily she has so many brothers and sisters who dote on her.
  • Hopefully Yōhei doesn’t bully her… he tends to pick on girls! I’m trying to find a friend for him.
  • Rufī couldn’t help it and came down, but she didn’t want to get close. This beautiful kitty never gets close but is always so curious!
  • Currently the number of friendly non-carrier cats has actually shrunk.
  • If you wanna be practically in a pile of sweet kitties, the AIDS room is the place to go.
  • The word “AIDS” is a tall hurdle for finding a home for these little ones. But there are so many out there with AIDS, and it’s just so sad to think that they might have to live their whole lives in a shelter instead of a home…
  • We staff members understand that we cannot pass off the responsibility of those that are sick or suffering, but it’s so painful to see the healthy, energetic carriers who love people never finding a family.
  • We would love for an owner that has raised a little one with AIDS to open up their heart and make one of our kitties happy.



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