Summary: 2017-06-03 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Feeding and Rescue Activities Report, Katsurao Village Version

  • Rescuing cats in Katsurao Village is our top priority.
  • For three days we set up rescue cages and we were able to rescue two cats.
  • We did feeding activities at intervals between setting the cages.
  • We got to see Katsuo-kun! He sure loves grilled tuna, which is where he got his name.
  • At the area we call Cat Parlor 1, we saw a brown tabby that doesn’t often show up here. Other than that, we saw no other cats. We are concerned that we didn’t see the American Shorthair…
  • We set up some sleeping boxes.
  • The feed we left decreased a little too quickly, so we’ll have to be more vigilant about protecting our feeders from wild animals.
  • Tora-kun, of N’s residence, passed away on the 22nd. N-san went from their temporary shelter to their home to see Tora-kun nearly every day up until they could finally move back home last summer.
  • They could finally live together again after 5 long years. But almost immediately after that, Tora-kun became weak due to AIDS-related kidney problems.
  • They fought so hard to help Tora-kun, and when I last saw him, four days before he passed, I had no idea he this would happen. But he took his final breath in his favorite spot in the house, under the heated table.
  • Unfortunately, I also have to report that our Aka-chan might not have much longer. She has large tumors growing along her lymph nodes.
  • Her owner is doing their best to treat her, but the tumors cannot be removed at this point.
  • Torao-kun, however, is energetic and healthy! Last time he saw me he ran away, but now he’s all cute and friendly.
  • On the first day, we rescued a black and white cat at S Farm.
  • We also rescued a brown and white cat we’ve been targeting for a long while at K-san’s house.
  • This time, at the Natsuyu point, not a single cat nor wild animal entered. But there are four cats we still see on our camera, so we can’t give up yet.
  • We want to continue on, to save even one more life. With your support, we can keep up these activities and provide medical treatment and find homes!






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