Summary: 2017-06-04 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Feeding and Rescue Activities Report, Evacuation Zone Version

  • We went to the evacuation zone on the second and third day of activities. This time we focused on areas where we knew there were cats, and areas where pet owners lived.
  • There are plenty of wild animals around at this time, so all we could capture were raccoons.
  • Cats move about the most in the morning and night when they can smell yummy food in the rescue cages. It’s difficult to capture them outside of those hours, but the time we’re in these areas is limited.
  • Sometimes it feels like our efforts are for naught. Over six years have passed and there’s still no resolution to this issue, and there are little ones still left behind.
  • This year, definitely this year, we’re going to try to strike with a plan to solve this problem once and for all.
  • Something must have happened today, because there were many people measuring radiation levels here and there.
  • I don’t carry a dosimeter with me in these areas, so I’m curious… it’s definitely higher than normal levels, of course, but just how high is it?
  • There was a little one we wanted to rescue in Namie Town, so we did a feeding round there.






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