Summary: 2017-06-06 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Feeding and Rescue Activities Report, Ītate Version

  • On the third and final day we went to the Ītate Village after rounding up all the rescue cages in the evacuation zone.
  • We went from Hiso, to Ītoi, to Warabidaira, to Komiya.
  • Our priority here was to fill the feeder boxes, since they were emptying out quicker than usual.
  • I myself came to Ītate for the first time in the beginning of autumn after the disaster. There were so many dogs and cats left behind that volunteers would just stumble about door-to-door, checking for animals to feed.
  • Our organization was not focused on TNR in this area during the first year, and so many kittens were born; we ended up rescuing many of them and taking them to our shelter.
  • Among some of those kittens born here and rescued are Rau, Soru, Riki, Ponyō, and Kaoshin.
  • Hiso’s evacuation orders have been lifted and people can live there once more, but the cargo areas for pollutants has spread and the radiation levels are high.
  • Not many have returned to live here. Most have built new homes in Fukushima City or entered some sort of special establishment.
  • Currently the rate of rescue has decreased the number of cats in the area, but there are still some left, so we continue to fight on.
  • We got to see Piccolo (who we call Pī-chan) in Ītoi. Such a cutie!
  • Pī-chan is an older dog, and apparently was left behind by her owner’s request.
  • 6 years have passed and she’s still waiting here, and I can’t help but feel so sad when I see her. The evacuation orders have been lifted, and yet her owner doesn’t return. She’s bought a new home but won’t build a space for her dog.
  • I think it is only appropriate that she is given up to find a new home. Dogs love humans so very much, and it’s so painful to be abandoned, waiting for your family to return…
  • Sadly, there is another poor doggy in this village that is suffering the same fate…
  • Lab-chan of Warabidaira had an owner that claimed he lived for this dog, and came every day to come see her. But I can tell now that this dog is running out of time.
  • She was over 5 years old at the time of the disaster, so she’s definitely now over 10 years old. Labradors live 10 to 14 years, but being in this environment is not going to allow her to live the maximum number of years she should.
  • We could tell as we walked her that she’s becoming weak.
  • She can’t go on like this, so I left a letter. There has been no response.
  • Someone from another organization left behind a letter just like the one I wrote for Lab-chan.
  • This dog is quite old, and her hips are so skeletal and thin, despite perfectly good food being left behind for it.
  • The house is newly reformed, and yet it seems the owners haven’t returned yet.
  • At this time, it seems like there are many people who left their temporary housing and moved to another house in another town.
  • It’s unforgivable that people would not bring their dogs with them to their new homes in new towns.






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