Summary: 2017-06-12 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Taking a Walk

  • Rika-kun made lots of appearances in my lengthy cherry blossom entries, but lately he hasn’t shown up on this blog!
  • I haven’t been watching TV so I’m not sure but are we in rainy season already?
  • When it rains, Rika-kun gets so dirty!
  • But because he’s a hunting dog, his fur dries so quickly and looks gorgeous!
  • A bunch of weeds are sprouting up near the dam, and at first they looked a bit pretty, but I realize that they’re poisonous to plants. They spread like a field and can grow like a tree!
  • For the first time in a while, here’s Shuwa-kun! He’s getting old but is still so energetic!
  • Honeysuckle bloom alongside the road, and I always feel happy to see these strong-scented flowers. They’re foreign flowers used for herbal teas and potpourri.
  • So many of the nostalgic Japanese flowers of my youth are becoming rarer sights because a long time ago it was not illegal to bring in non-native plants.
  • But these flowers, though beautiful, are classified as invasive species and tend to spread over wide areas. Now this practice is limited, but I miss seeing Japanese dandelions…





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