Summary: 2017-06-14 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Walking Along the Day Lilies

  • Depending on the time, Rika’s walking routes are along the lake at Miharu Dam.
  • I watch the weather and choose places that aren’t too hot. When it’s hot, I always think he won’t pull as hard but that’s never the case! So we have to take lots of breaks.
  • Day lilies are growing around this area. Regular lilies might bloom here soon, but it’s too bad that it won’t be a huge field of them.
  • After Takizakura stops blooming, there are barely any people skipping out on work or fishing in this area.
  • I feel like this area is so beautiful, but there isn’t much of a central attraction. Couldn’t they make one? It should really cost that much money. I love flowers, and I’d love for this town to have another attraction aside from Takizakura.
  • Koro is so well disciplined, and he never pulls ahead when we walk him. He’s a bigger dog but he’s so easy to walk, so even older foster parents wouldn’t have a problem!





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