Summary: 2017-06-17 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Robert is a Handsome Cat

  • After Robert’s good buddy Tomikichi graduated, he seemed so lonely that it was worrying us…
  • But then he got close to Chai-chan and Mumu-tan, even sleeping cuddled up with them!
  • I guess you never have to worry about handsome boys being lonely!
  • He may be a popular cat, but he’s still not quite used to humans. He is quite wary and is typically on guard, but he’s getting better.
  • When he’s in a good mood he’ll roll around and expose his belly.
  • If you approach him slowly, he’ll let you pet him. But if you linger too long, he’ll give you a punch and then flee!
  • Obviously there’s some conflict in his heart. But soon we’ll get him to think, “This human is trustworthy.”




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