Summary: 2017-06-20 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Feeding and Rescue Activities Report

  • I will be gone from the shelter for a few days. I’m returning to my hometown for a short while. It’s the second anniversary of my father’s death; I can’t believe time has flown by so quickly. Being far away from my home makes me want to believe that he’s really alive there.
  • I really love hydrangeas, which are blooming in the evacuation zone.
  • In this dead town with no people there are animals living and plants growing and it’s like a bipolar living town as well.
  • Weeds are also growing strongly. Some homes are overrun with them, and the fields and paddies have willows that will make it hard to do agriculture again someday.
  • Because I’m returning home soon, I couldn’t do activities for both days.
  • In the morning we went to Namie for a final check and to set rescue cages. Unfortunately, we only caught a raccoon.
  • Namie Town is slowly starting to come to life again. A Tōhō Bank opened!
  • Lately my favorite place to go is a small marketplace near the town hall. I came here so often that the workers here came to know me! There are lots of delicious local foods here.
  • This is our seventh year of feeding and rescue activities. They’ve changed into such gentle activities where we can afford to take a break.
  • It used to be like every second was so important that we were moving at almost dangerous speeds.
  • Our activities won’t come to an end any time soon, so we have to keep our spirits up and keep fighting on.
  • This time I couldn’t go to Katsurao Village. But at the end of this month I will work diligently on my two days of activities.





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