Summary: 2017-06-25 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Sorry for the long absence.

  • Sorry for the lack of updates! Upon returning from my hometown in Shizuoka I haven’t been able to work on this blog. I also couldn’t update the Facebook page from home because the internet connection wasn’t great. Sorry if I worried anyone! I’ll be back to updating every day(●^o^●)
  • Thank you to staff and volunteers who walked Shuwa and Rika while I was gone!
  • One thing I noticed while walking my parents’ dog was the fact that people will brush their dog’s hair at the park benches and not clean it up. It’s pretty gross!
  • As a dog owner I find it unpleasant, but I can’t imagine how people who don’t own pets feel when they find these unidentifiable piles of hair at the park.
  • The parks belong to everyone. You may think the fur will just fly off somewhere, but even that isn’t a good result.
  • I can understand why people like brushing their dogs outside, but please, take it home with you!

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