Summary: 2017-06-26 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Omi-kun’s Graduation

  • Omi-kun graduated♪ Omi-kun was born last year in an area in Motomiya where lots of stray cats live.
  • We did TNR on the mother cat and rescued the kittens.
  • For a while we couldn’t find a home for him, but a volunteer from Nagoya was looking for a cat that would pair well with their existing cat, and Omi-kun seemed like a good fit!
  • This lined up with my visit home, so on the way to Shizuoka I passed through Nagoya to deliver Omi-kun.
  • Our staff member I-san really loves Omi-kun, and they were so happy to see him find a home!





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