Summary: 2017-07-02 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Pī-chan

  • Pī-chan moved rooms!
  • When she first came to this room, she was picking fights with other cats.
  • She’s gotten a bit weaker lately, so she was being overwhelmed by Saku and Sakura.
  • She started defecating in her bed and vomiting often, which was worrying.
  • We got her tested but there was nothing wrong with her, so we decided to move her to Room 1-A.
  • Right now she’s interacting with the others from within her cage, but the little ones in this room are very gentle. As long as she isn’t a bully, she can spend her time peacefully here.
  • Pī-chan has some mood swings, but she loves being pet and will purr happily. Volunteers, please spend time with her(*^_^*)




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