Summary: 2017-08-11 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: I apologize for always asking for help, but our air conditioner has broken!

  • Edit: We have received enough money to buy an air conditioner! Thank you so much for your cooperation!
  • The rainy season finished, and the muggy air went away, so we thought the summer was over!
  • Room 2-D, the biggest room in the shelter that gets a lot of sunlight now has a broken air conditioner.
  • It was such an old air conditioner that we don’t even know it’s model!
  • We used it with great care, but it seems it reached the end of its natural life span.
  • If the weather continues as it has been lately, we may not need it, but we don’t know if another heat wave will come.
  • Miharu Town is comparatively cool, but it’s not rare for this room to heat up to 35C/95F.
  • Because this room gets an incredible amount of sunlight, it could be dangerous for the cats it it heats up too much.
  • This room is for little ones around 1-2.3 years old, and it’s so wide (18 tatami mats/320 square feet) that it’s difficult to heat and cool.
  • The current air conditioner does not heat, so it would be a great help if we were able to get an air conditioner that could do so.
  • But we will not ask for luxury!
  • Everyone, if you have an air conditioner that you plan on getting rid of, would you mind giving it to us?
  • Our current troubles place us in a situation where we cannot afford to buy an air conditioner, but we also cannot let the cats suffer from heatstroke.
  • If I could be a bit picky, I would like to request an air conditioner that has slightly better electrical consumption than our current one.
  • Additionally, the air conditioner in room 2-A is also on its last legs, stopping constantly.
  • This room is for the little ones with leukemia.
  • If we could possibly get enough support for two air conditioners, we would be truly thankful.
  • We feel terrible asking this of you, but please assist us if possible. This request is being made on behalf of the Nyander Guard cats from the staff.







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