Summary: 2017-08-14 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: A Sad Report

  • I am sad to report that during the quiet period on this blog, Moebius and Ohana-chan passed away.
  • Moebius started out living on the first floor, but last year he was moved to the second floor. There, he became good friends with Ohana-chan.
  • Moebius was rescued in Ōkuma Town by another organization and transferred here.
  • Due to his age and his personality we assumed he was someone’s pet before the disaster, but his owner never appeared.
  • He was a big brother type who led others around and scolded rambunctious ones that broke order.
  • A while back he had some sort of issue with his brain and the slope in his head did not heal, so he was put into quarantine.
  • Right after the onset of these symptoms he underwent consecutive medical treatments and we thought he would improve, but nothing seemed to work.
  • Even then, he continued to eat on his own and he fought hard until the very end.
  • At this exact same time, Ohana-chan’s kidney troubles worsened.
  • When Ohana-chan was rescued, she was so jaundiced that and near death that we thought she had consumed some kind of poison.
  • She was constantly going in and out of quarantine due to her kidneys.
  • Every time she bounced back she showed us how strong she truly was.
  • Ohana-chan passed away, and soon after Moebius joined her.
  • The day after, kittens in Ryōzen Town suddenly died. They could not properly drink their mother’s milk and suffered from lack of nutrition.
  • If only we could have brought them in sooner… but with the way things are at the shelter, it wasn’t possible.
  • They had such bad colds, their faces were black and bleary from eye discharge, and they had worms in their bellies…
  • We don’t know why these otherwise healthy kittens suddenly weakened and died before we could even attempt to nurse them.
  • The little ones were cremated with Moebius.
  • Sudden death like this is so painful to us. We wish we could have saved them… I’m so sorry we could not.
  • We miss Ohana-chan, but the feeling of loss from the death of Moebius is huge.
  • Because he fought so hard to eat on his own even as his body was failing, his body was so dirty. Before sending him to be cremated I made sure to clean him up.
  • While cleaning his body, I could sort out my emotions in order to see him off properly. I saw him off, thinking, “Come visit us during the Festival of the Dead.”
  • We’ve sent off so many beloved little ones over the years… are you doing well on the other side? Send a sign if you’ve been reborn! Otherwise, visiting our cat room and running about like old times would make me happy.

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