Summary: 2017-06-22 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Mikan-chan is cute, but…

  • Mikan-chan is so cute, but she’s such an unyielding girl.
  • She sure loves to get in fights. So she’s not suited for homes with multiple cats.
  • She will definitely bring joy to a one cat home, though!
  • She’s so cute! But… there’s one more thing. She has a lot of eating habits.
  • She pulls off the wallpaper!
  • And lately the handle tab on the cat litter bag has gone missing…
  • And cardboard…
  • So we have to let potential foster parents know that the room where Mikan-chan lives cannot have objects that can be ripped and chewed off.
  • Because of these eating habits, she often throws up. This has made her liver bad.
  • When she’s in her cage she doesn’t accidentally ingest anything, but it’s just too sad to keep her in there for a long time. So it’s best to remove objects that she might eat.
  • Mikan-chan is looking for a home with a family that can understand her needs!




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