Summary: 2017-08-23 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Kuma-san and Hiramasa-san, to the skies

  • Kuma-san, whose FIP outbreak I wrote about the other day, became a star yesterday morning.
  • I was hoping for a miracle to occur, but FIP is a truly terrible disease.
  • Kuma-san was rescued last October in Ītate Village. He was not at all friendly toward humans.
  • When he was in quarantine, he’d always be hiding by the litter box or finding ways to escape his cage.
  • But when his quarantine period ended, he became a clingy, lovey-dovey sweetheart.
  • Kuma-san was wandering in a village with no people for so long, but in the end became close to humans.
  • We are so happy to have met you. We’ll never forget you, Kuma-san.
  • Hiramasa-san, a terribly thin cat rescued this spring when the Yonomori cherry trees were in bloom, has unfortunately also become a star.
  • At the end of last year, we rescued Mikuri-chan in the same place. She was steadily on the road to becoming nice and plump.
  • But for some reason, Hiramasa-san just never got any bigger than skin and bones
    After running some tests, we found that he had a bad liver.
  • Usually liver disease is treated with a special food, but he just wouldn’t eat it. But he needed to eat to live.
  • We did some trial and error with some yummy foods to try and get him to eat.
  • He would eat around five roasted skipjack tuna a day, and would barely leave anything.
  • Skipjack tuna has methionine, which helps with liver function and the expulsion of waste products and toxins, and is a good source of protein… but we really wanted to fatten him up, and that’s all he’d eat!
  • He wouldn’t eat anything but skipjack tuna lately, but he was so excited for it that he’d meow around dinnertime.
  • And even though the night before he died he happily ate all his food despite the fact that he was starting to catch a cold, he suddenly became very ill at night.
  • I hate that I don’t know what we could have done.
  • After fighting your way over to us, I was so happy when you entered the rescue cage that I had set.
  • I promised that things would be okay from now, and that we’d make you happy.
  • For the 4 months you were at the shelter with us, I’m happy that you could eat yummy food.
  • You weren’t quite used to humans yet, but I’m glad you came to trust that magical hand that brought you food.
  • There are plenty of friends waiting for you in the great beyond, where you can run and play without worrying about your physical body.
  • These two will be going to the skies today at 6PM. Please, pray for them.
  • There are still little ones left in the evacuation zone.
  • I’m sure there are plenty of little ones that Kuma-san and Hiramasa-san who are just barely surviving, running out of time.
  • Soon, 6 and a half years will have passed since the disaster. I ask you to not forget about the lives left behind.




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