Summary: 2017-08-24 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Everyone Loves Pucchi

  • Pucchi is a cute little girl that was left at the shelter.
  • Pucchi has black marks around her nostrils that give her a really funny look!
  • She’s so cute, but for some reason she’s gone without finding a home for four years…
  • She has chronic colds and her eyes are a bit cloudy, but this past year her symptoms haven’t been too terrible.
  • I forgot to report this, but a volunteer’s daughter fell in love with Pucchi. Right now they’re preparing to take her in as family.
  • It’s a little sad to think that our time with Pucchi will someday end, but it’s such a wonderful thing that she found a lovely home.
  • Graduations for the 4 year olds have been continuing at a slow but steady pace.
  • Lately, Toppu and Fanī graduated as well.
  • If you’re looking for a young but not too rambunctious aged cat, we’ve got plenty that are waiting for homes!



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