Summary: 2018-08-26 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Mikuri is Cute and Pudgy

  • Mikuri is a calico with an uncommon, mostly white fur pattern.
  • The grey in her fur is what stands out the most in photos, but she also has cream colored and reddish spots.
  • We rescued Mikuri a year ago. At that time, we didn’t think she was a calico! We thought maybe she was a Siamese.
  • She was rescued in the same area as Hiramasa, who passed away the other day.
  • Their eyes are very similarly colored, so maybe they’re related somehow?
  • When she was rescued her fur was so dirty, but now she’s so beautiful!
  • We think she was born after the disaster.
  • Her personality is a little odd sometimes, so we’re not sure how she’d do with other cats.
  • We want her to be adopted, for her sake and for the sake of the late Hiramasa.
  • Mikuri-chan is also in the same room as Mike-chan, and we know those two will butt heads!




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