Summary: 2017-08-27 Entry


ORIGINAL AUTHOR: Nyander Guard Staff


Title: Nearly Autumn Harvest

  • This year’s summer has been constantly rainy.
  • At night, a cool breeze blows, and it makes me wonder if autumn is coming.
  • The rice growing along my regular walking path is just about ready to be harvested.
  • In the northeast, rice is planted relatively late, but they’re ready by the end of August.
  • It happened last summer too, but Shuwa-kun gets really exhausted in the heat.
  • We have to be careful. He can get really tired on walks, and his skin condition is not that great.
  • He’s a mix breed so we can’t really guess his lifespan, but I want him to live a long life.
  • Sometimes, on days where he seems particularly well, I take him for a long walk to really cherish my time with him.
  • Most of the doggies at Nyander Guard are elderly or approaching that age.
  • Elderly dogs don’t really find foster families.
  • Up until now, it has been rare for us to care for an ailing dog in its final years. Most have found families.
  • But if things continue this way, it’ll probably be us seeing them off.
  • We really want to find foster families for them, because they’re our family, too.
  • Ah, but, Shuwa’s still fine now, though! And he’s looking for a home.



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